As part of the Models and Designs unit  you will be required to keep an engineering log. When people make new designs or inventions they keep a detailed log of their thinking so that they can remember all of their ideas. It is important to remember your successes and good ideas so that you can continue to integrate them into your design. Documenting things that go wrong is also important because it a mistake is really just a new piece of information. Things going wrong is helpful, those situations can teach you something new about your design.

How to start your engineering log.

  1. Click this link to view the engineering log.  
  2. Sign into your Google Account
  3. Click File, then click make a copy
  4. When you click make a copy, name your engineering log. Name it like this: Your-first-name – Engineering Log
  5. Share this file with your Teacher. 

Watch the video below to watch this process in action. 

Bridge Vocabulary

Follow this link to Quizlet to help study for your test on Friday 11/14/14!!




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