Every night in the United States an estimated 600,000 people live on the streets. This October, SoulPancake and Kid President want 2 million people to prove that even the smallest acts of love, like donating a pair of socks, can make a big difference in the lives of our neighbors who are homeless.

Socktober was launched by Kid President creator Brad Montague five years ago. It’s a movement to get kids and grown-ups to help the homeless in an easy, fun way.

Last year, more than 10,000 schools, families, businesses, and churches rallied together to bring Socktober to life. People from every state and continent have taken part in Socktober! This year, William O. Schaefer is participating and we are having a “Sock Drive” until the last week in October!

All of the socks we collect as a community will be donated to a local shelter.

Whole Body Listening

Being mindful is an essential skill in life! Mindful exercises help children concentrate and develop self- awareness. In addition to coloring mandalas in the morning, we also do different breathing exercises to begin our day in a calm and relaxed way.  Belly breathing, or breathing deep into the lower lobes of your lungs sends a message to your brain to relax because it is connected to the parasympathetic nervous system. Today we spoke about Whole Body Listening and watched The Biscotti Kid to help us understand why it is so important!