Readers Make Plans for their Summer Reading

Summer Reading 2022


  • Readers have many different reasons to read, and those reasons are different for everyone.
  •  Reading can be AWESOME and it only gets better as you get STRONGER at it!
  • Make a plan to read over the 73 days of summer vacation

Summer Reading Visual Menu Grades K- 5 The menus linked here are recent releases or soon-to-be released (in May or June). It is difficult to say the titles on these lists are only for the grades listed. Many of these books can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. It is important that parents and guardians review books ahead of time to ensure they are a good fit for the reader.


Read the displayed choices.  Then stream them on Netflix to compare the book to the movie.  Use the attached document as a checklist.

Just read it!  Trade screen time for time with a book. Challenge yourself to read one book from each genre. Shade in the icons as you read each type of book.

Windows and Mirrors Book Suggestions

Books can act as windows offering readers the opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes, and allowing readers to build emotions and empathy for that character. Books can also be mirrors reflecting our own identity. This summer, I challenge you to read books that will give you some insight into how other people live, and perhaps you’ll see parts of yourself reflected as you read. These are just a few popular reads.

Books Take You Places 

Don’t stress over travel plans this summer!  Staying home bound?  No worries at all.  Books can take you places without leaving your front steps or couch.  Take a trip to each of the seven continents using the suggested book lists linked above.

Summer 2022 Book Trailers 

Click the above link to view over 100 book trailers on YouTube.  Find your next GREAT Read.