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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

KidLit Picks

KidLit Picks

What Next?

What Next?

Welcome to W.E.R.L.D.

Welcome back to an exciting school year!  This year when you come to W.E.R.L.D. you can expect to wonder, explore, read, learn and discover!  Your time in W.E.R.L.D. will open your mind and heart to reading.  From the research process to developing vocabulary to enhancing creativity you will be amazed by these experiences through reading!  Please tour this new website and begin your journey traveling Cottage Lane’s new “WERLD.”

Choosing A+ Sources

With so much information on the Internet, we all need to become skilled detectives to identify the good sites from the bad. Detectives require a lot of training before they are given their first solo cases. We will practice our detective skills and learn how to choose an A+ source when researching independently.

When we evaluate resources, we will break down the skills into the three components:


Experts and Specialists = AUTHORITY

Lesson 1: Are you an expert/specialist, yet?

  • Click on the link below to help you think about what kind of expertise you have.  Examples from the link below will help you complete your Expert Card.
  • I’m an Expert: Explore
  • Expert Card and Character Map- Be creative when completing this activity.  Explain why you are an expert in the certain areas that you splashed on your card.  Some examples are provided for you.

We all have room to learn more even when we are passionate about a topic.

Experts and Specialists are always learning and growing.


 Lesson 2:  Ask an Expert. Sometimes it’s just one detail that makes a big difference. 

Simple Experiment:

  1. We will place a washcloth in a bowl of water.
  2. What will happen if someone wrings the water out of the washcloth? We all, most likely, know the answer. It’s so predictable!
  3. Now, let’s get our wheels turning!  What will happen if the washcloth is on the International Space Station?  Hmm, this is going to get us to think and wonder.
  4. Let’s hear theories and predictions.
  5. This astronaut is an expert/specialist. Watch the experiment done on the ISS by an astronaut at this link: International Space Station Experiment
  • How would you explain this experiment to a family member tonight?
  • Who was better qualified to make the prediction: us or an astronaut?

6. Gathering details from a specialist/expert- Watch this video, answer the questions that are provided, and be ready to learn details from an expert.

Behind the  Scenes: Disaster in Space  

Lessons learned: Ask an Expert. Ask questions. Sometimes it’s just one detail that makes a big difference. 

 Lesson 3: You can’t believe everything you read 

Listen attentively as we learn a lesson or two from the main character, Webster. Webster learns the importance of checking information found on websites and the importance of evaluating online resources.   Gullible Webster

 Are you ready to play a round or two of Mix and Match the Domains?


Lesson 4: Hmm, is the author an expert? 

Today, you will continue to test and exercise your detective skills. Gather your magnifying glass, clipboard, and tighten the belt around your waist that is keeping your trench coat wrapped around you. Detectives, be ready to prove your information sources. The checklist provided will keep you focused and determined to gather evidence when skimming your assigned website. The website URL is posted on your table. You and your partner will choose ONE website to explore.




Celebrating Figures of the Hispanic Community

The Fight for What’s Right

When a Hispanic family encounters segregation, they fight back—and win

Sylvia Mendez was an 8-year-old American child living in California. But because of her Mexican heritage, she was barred from her town’s public school and forced to attend a run-down “Mexican school.” Soon she and her family were in the middle of a legal battle that helped end segregation in California schools.

All readers will travel back in time and place themselves in the shoes of a family that overcame injustice and helped integrate California schools. The readers will identify the theme of the play that is based on real events.

The Fight for What’s Right-Readers’ Theater

Sylvia and Sandra Mendez Share their Story

Civil Rights Activists: Dolores Huerta : Grades 3-4 Article 

Civil Rights Activist: Dolores Huerta: Grades 4-5 Article

Cesar Chavez Grades 3-4 Article

Cesar Chavez Grades 4-5 Article

It’s Back to School We Go!

Children everywhere go to school.  Children everywhere want to learn about the world and their place in it.  The students at Cottage Lane traveled around the world in 45 minutes and captured the diversity of school experiences, compared and contrasted their first day experiences to different cultures.  Have your passport ready as you click the link below.

Travel to West Africa to meet Lilly, Charlotte and Esther as they share their first day of school experiences. The program follows the stories of these three girls as they complete their last year of secondary school. Esther shares her daily routine, which involves waking up very early in the morning and working hard throughout the day.          First Day Experiences 

Book Trailer: This is how we do it

September 15th: International Dot Day

What is International Day?

On Your Mark, Get Set…Go and Make Your Mark

Based on the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds, the story tells about a young girl (Vashti) who thinks she can’t draw. Her art teacher tells her to “Just make a mark and see where it takes you.” Vashti jabs the paper with a dot and then signs her name as requested by her teacher. As the story moves on, Vashti discovered that she really can be creative. And, as a little boy looks at all her paintings, she encourages him just as her teacher encouraged her. International Dot Day, celebrated September 15th-ish, is a day to help children (and adults) focus on how to “make their mark.”

How will the students in W.E.R.L.D. celebrate International Dot Day?

1.The students will listen to the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds to kick-off this special day. It’s all about encouraging kids to discover how they can make a difference.

2. Each student will write a short narrative about how they make “a mark” on the world.   There is a fun twist to the writing assignment. Students are not allowed to use letters with a dot (in other words no i or j).  Yikes! This will force the students to carefully think about word choice and encourage to try out some new words.

3. No Smocks Needed to Make Your Mark- The students will create a masterpiece as they make their mark.  Paint will splash across the paper with confidence and bravery.


Databases & Search Engines

Databases & Search Engines






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