Summer Reading Contest: Spotlight

Caught Reading

Congratualtions to Alexandra!

Alexandra has been "Caught Reading"!! 

According to Alexandra, "In my photo I am reading at Bear Mountain Zoo next to writer Walt Witman. It is so peaceful here.  I am reading The Sisters 8 by Lauren Baratz-Logsted.  There are 8 books in this series.  I love these books because each sister has a cat and each book has a new mystery to solve."

Don't forget to "Get Caught Reading" this summer!


Summer Reading Fun



The Cottage Lane Summer Reading Contest

Get caught reading with someone famous… A movie star, a politician, or someone special to you!

Or, Get caught reading in a unique location…… On a beach, under a tree, or on a mountain top or in a rain forest!

1. Locate a camera, smartphone, iPad, Nook, Kindle, or a Tablet and a book.

2. Snap a photograph of yourself reading in the silliest or most unusual place. Do not hurt yourself or your book! No underwater reading!

3. A. Ask permission to email the photograph to [email protected]. By emailing the photograph, you grant Cottage Lane Elementary School permission to post it on the school blog. In your email include: the title and author, place photo was taken, and one interesting fact about the book.

B.If you would not like it posted or are unable to email the picture bring the printed photograph to the office with the attached slip.

4. Prizes will be given to the 4-5 most unusual photographs. There will also be prizes awarded to the class that reads the most over the summer. Every child who submits a photo will be recognized for their summer reading.

5. Students may submit as many photos as they would like…NO LIMIT!!

6. Thank you for participating in this fun project! Happy Reading!

dadreading CrazyDays Can Reading-1 tub  Shower 

Other Summer Reading Contests:

The Public Libraries have contests with tons of fun prizes! Go to the library this summer and ask about their summer reading contest!

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading: Students read 8 books and log them on Barnes and Noble’s book log form. Students bring the form into the store and choose a free book from the list on the back of the reading log.

Chuck E. Cheese Rewards Calendars: Students read for ten days, log it on the rewards form, and they will receive 10 free tokens.

Pottery Barn Kids Summer Reading Challenge: Students color in books to represent the amount of books they read over the summer on Pottery Barn Kid’s reading tracker. Students then bring the completed form to a local store to receive a free book and to be entered in drawings for fun prizes.

Scholastic Summer Challenge: Allows students to earn digital awards by entering the number of minutes they read each day.

TD Bank Summer Reading Program: Read 10 books, log them onTD Bank’s form and receive $10 for your saving account.

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cicadasCicadas spend most of their 17 year life below ground as small white insects with no wings. They are called nymphs at that point in their lives. They are emerging from the ground right now. When they do, they will crawl up a tree or bush, break through their exoskeleton, which they have now outgrown, and crawl out as winged adults. They leave the exoskeleton on a tree, leaf or bush. It is called a molt or exuvium. It is not alive, it will not hurt you and it is not dangerous to touch. The adult cicada will stay on the tree for a while and then will fly to the top of the tree where it begins to sing in order to look for a mate. You can hear it outside, now. Once they find a mate, they lay eggs and then the adults will die. Adult cicadas will not bite. They are harmless to humans. Humans, however should take care not to harm them. If they land on you, they will feel scratchy because their legs hold fast on to what they grab, but they will not cause harm, in fact, most adult cicadas don't even eat. Their entire life as an adult takes from 2 to 4 weeks and is spent singing and laying eggs. If you see them, enjoy their song and try not to hurt them. The emergence should last for most of June.

Here is a great resource:

Courtesy of Mr. Tanenbaum

Cottage Lane is 60 Years Old!

Cottage Lane will be sixty years old this year.  Stay tuned for some important details about our celebration.

Right now, we need you help in getting a project started.  We would like to use the unique style of Michelle Stitzlein. She uses bottle caps that are not recyclable for reusable art projects. Please bring in your bottle caps so we can create a Cottage Lane masterpiece to commemorate its 60th Birthday.



 Watch this video about Michele and her work – Imagination Station.

Word of the Month: Empathy

hey-little-antMay's word of the month is empathy. Empathy is the ability to recognize other people's emotions. Once you can identify the person's emotion, you develop sympathy, compassion, or understanding of the person's situation or point of view. Listen to Philip Hoose's story, Hey, Little Ant.

What would you do? Post a comment to this blog.

Try reading and acting it out with a partner using this document, Hey, Little Ant play.