Reading At Home

Reading At Home
10 to 15 minutes to enjoy reading together at home
Before Reading,you may support your child by:
* Read the title of the book to your child.
* If your child already read the book at school, ask them to briefly tell you what the story is about.
*If your child has not yet read the book, complete a “picture walk” by discussing the pictures and making predictions about what will happen in the story.

During Reading, you may encourage your child to:
“Before you read the page, take a QUICK look at the picture and THINK about what is happening.”and
If your child gets stuck on a word, encourage them to try 1 of the following strategies..
 For example:     to  day   =today
                          do ing    =doing
After Reading,
*Talk about the story after reading the book
*Ask your child what they favorite part of the story was and why it was their favorite part.


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