AmericanFlagCottage Lane's word of the month is Patriotism.  What does this word mean to you? What do you do to show patriotism?  Does this word have a diffirent meaning to those who immigrated to this country?  Why or why not?

Read Who Belongs Here? An American Story by Margy Knight. 


Do some oral history research on where your ancestors came from.  Who were the first people in your family to make what is now the U.S.A. their home?  Consider these questions when researching: 
1. Who were the first people in my family, or the family of another trusted adult, to come to America?
2. Why did they choose to leave their homeland to come to a foreign country?
3. What did they bring with them?
4. What cultural things do we still do as a family that I might not have been aware of before?
5. Are there any foods that are part of our family history?
6. What are some of the interesting or unusual stories in the family? 
Share your findings to this blog!

Speaking of patriotism… June 14th is Flag Day. Join the party on June 14 and add your voice to those across the country and world! The Smithosonian is having the largest group in history sing the National Anthem.  Click here for more details – Raise it Up!

Take this True/False Quiz:
1. Betsy Ross made the first American flag.
2. The red, white and blue colors symbolize American sacrifice.
3. The Pledge of Allegiance has long been recited in Congress and other governmental bodies.
4. It is illegal to burn the American flag.
5. It’s okay to wear a Stars and Stripes T-shirt. 
How did you do? 
Washington's Post article – 5 Myths about the American Flag  

Watch these videos and post something new that you learned about the American flag.

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