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Video Star is a popular app. This is a great app to create short videos. The app is designed for fun music video projects, but it could be used for creating short documentary videos too. Record your own narrations and use them in Video Star with pictures about your topic(s). Select a song you have on your iPad and start shooting live video. You can import images, text, titles, frames, and transitions.

Here are two options to get you started. Option A:Snapshots of Cottage Lane- Use the Letters A to Z and brainstorm all the activities, field trips, assemblies, and events throughout the year. A chart will be in the lab to select the letter(s) you will be responsible for documenting. All videos will be displayed on the Cottage Lane Blog. Option B: Just for Fun! Take a break from the ordinary. Select one or more of the attached items.- Just For Fun. Estimate.  Document all your work and findings. Videos will be displayed on the Cottage Lane blog.

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