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Memoirs: Six WordsYou You are all familiar with Cottage Lane’s “Our Three Words” videos that highlight school events. Now it is your turn but with six! Select six words to describe your school year. This six word memoire must be concise yet reflective. It will not be easy. The six word memoir was originally part of the National Writing Project. Some teacher’s used the topic to summarize weekly activities. There is a twitter feed #6words that others post. Six word memoirs seem to be catching on. Take your six words and create a poster with different fonts and images that reflect a deep emotion.Extend this topic across disciplines. Create six word memoirs for all the characters of books you read, or scientists for topics you learned, explorers/leaders during the historical time periods you studied, or current events. Encourage students to use any free web resource to complie their work into a final project that can easily be displayed on a website. Try Haiku Deck, Animoto, Photopeach, etc. Here is an example of one class’ six-word memoir projectYouTube clip

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