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Pixel Press Floors is an app that brings imagination to life. With the Pixel Press Floors creation platform, you can literally dream up and draw your own video game without any coding. Draw your ideas out on paper, and the Floors app turns the drawing into an actual video game that can be played. Print out the special paper so that the app can recognize the shapes “glyphs” that are drawn, or use the in app drawing tools. The drawing is instantly turned into a game that can be tested, designed, played, and even published to the “Arcade” where others can play it.

  • Download the Pixel Press Floors app on the iPad.
  • Go to projectpixelpress.com to download and print the free sketch guide.
  • Draw up the game of your dreams and then take a picture of what you drew from the Pixel Press Floors app.
  • The glyphs (shapes) that you draw are magically transformed into game play objects.
  • After glyphs have been created, you can apply a design to the element, test it, and play it.
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