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Stock Market

The Stock Market
The Mint helps to make perfect “cents” of it all!

The MintLife also provides a great infographic called is What Is a Stock? What Is a Stock? uses clear graphics and plain terms to explain what a stock is, offer a brief history of stock markets, and give a brief explanation of why people buy stocks.

How confident are you in allowing 5th graders to invest your hard earned money?  5th graders are becoming keenly aware of the world around them and will use this information to make good investment decisions.  Students received first hand knowledge on: The History of Wall Street, 7 Things Every Investor Should Know, Different Types of Stocks, Reading Stocks, What Causes Stocks to Change Prices, Bulls & Bears. Remember there are no guarantees you will make money.  Read what happen on BLACK MONDAY.

These 5th grade stock brokers have $100,000 dollars and looking to see if they will make it grow or lose it.  Good Luck!

Make sure you listen to Warren Buffet for some expert advice.

Warren Buffet: How to turn $40 into 5 million.

Investing for Beginners are videos produced by Fidelity Investments. The videos are from a financial services company but offer a good introduction to this unit.

Watch the full playlist here – Fidelity Investments.

stockmarketiconTHE STOCK MARKET GAME

Basic Rules:

1. Invest $100,000 dollars.

2. Purchase stocks in the NYSE or NASDAQ
3. 100 minimum shares per purchase

4. Trades are calculated at the end of day with closing price.
5. 1% Commission is charged per transaction.

6. April 18th is the last for all trades.

7. Additional Rules…

Public companies 100 years old or more

Yahoo Finance 

Use Yahoo Finance to look up current stock prices and the history of a company. Type the company’s name into the “Symbol Look Up” search bar to find their stock information.

Looking at USA Today’s 2011 list of 100 year old publicly traded companies, you can’t help admiring how successfully these companies navigated changing economic cycles and social trends. The USA Today article includes a link to a list of these companies. Do these companies still exist? 

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