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40 Resources for Smart Finances

This simple graphic shows the number of hours per week it would take to pay for a two bedroom apartment in each of the continental U.S. states.



You should recognize how difficult it is to save money when your only job(s) pay minimum wage without benefits. What does this help you to realize, understand, and do?

So now you know… you need to save money in order to make money. Before you save the money you make, you need to pay your bills in order to survive. Try this challenge… Play SPENT

  1. What were some of the decisions you needed to make?
  2. What decisions did you make that had a negative impact on you financially?
  3. What decisions did you make
  4. What did you learn when trying to find a place to live?
  5. What sacrifices did you make in order to keep yourself from poverty level?
The Living Wage Calculator is to provide a snapshot of what it actually costs to survive in counties and cities in the United States. The Living Wage Calculator shows the differences between minimum wages and minimum living wages.

  1. What did you notice about living in Rockland County?
  2. What other expenses does a family have that was not listed?
  3. Compare minimum wage in Rockland to other counties?
  4. Scavenger hunt: Find a job posting in Rockland that offers minimum wage. Determine what type of education and training this job requires.Post your findings to this page.

You need to make money in order to pay bills and save.  Check out salaries in real time – http://www.retale.com/info/salaries-in-real-time/

Make sure you save before you start investing.
Watch this video to make sure you plan for your long term goals – SAVING MONEY.

Please discuss the following questions with your parents:

  1. Do you have a savings account?  If so, where?
  2. What decisions did your parents make when selecting the bank?
  3. What is the annual interest rate on your money? TD Bank Info
  4. Are there any hidden charges for putting your money in this bank account?
  5. Is your money growing fast in this account?

Learn more about money!

Picture Books – Dollars and Sense

Heifer Village Game

Coffee Shop

 Money does not grow on tress. Play EARNINGS!

When will you be a millionaire? Play SAVINGS!

Good spenders are careful with money. Play SPENDINGS!

Discover ways to give, help, share. HELPING OTHERS

Write a check. Develop a budget. Use a credit card. TRY IT!

Curious About George: What is the Lifespan of the Dollar Bill? is an interesting an informative infographic from CreditLoan.com. The infographic offers provides flow charts of the production, distribution, and eventual removal from circulation of currency. Some statistics about the quantity of dollar bills produced every year is also included in the infographic. After reading the article, be prepared to discuss the various bill’s lifespan

Produced By Online Accounting Degrees

Grow Your Own Business

Practical Money Skills hosts a series of eight online games designed to teach students some money management skills. One of the games that is timely considering that the Super Bowl is just a few days away is Financial Football. Financial Football has students answer questions about budgets, savings, and spending to move their football teams down the field against another team. The games use real NFL team logos. Financial Football takes at least twenty minutes to play.

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