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Third graders have lots of “eye”deas! They’ll put their creativity to work by “eyebombing” CLE. Eyebombing is the art of sticking “googly eyes” onto an inanimate object in a public space.  The placement of the eyes cleverly gives the object the appearance of a living creature. Ultimately the goal is to humanize the school and bring sunshine to everyone passing by.

1. Only images of inanimate objects with wiggle eyes – NOT stickers.
2. Only images taken in the public space.
3. No eyes on eyes.

Turn frowns upside down with these challenges:

  1.  Watch the American Express Smile Commercial.  Find your own photos in the world around you and create your own video.
  2. Check out the video of “Secret World of Stuff.”  Use one of these apps (Paint Space AR or World Brush) to animate the things in your world.
  3. Add googley eyes to all photos on different websites with Googlifier. 
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