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As you all know, I have a nephew, Michael, who has Down Syndrome. Well I also have another nephew, Connor, who has Autism. I am one lucky Aunt surrounded by these special boys. Connor is so smart but struggles to communicate. He loves to eat combos while watching, The Fresh Beat Band and Yo Gabba Gabba. He is just the sweetest young man.

Mr. Krump’s son, Jesse has Autism too.  Jesse loves french fries and watching the movie, Singing in the Rain.  He has a hard time hearing dogs bark and petrified of seagulls.  He is also working on these fears and social cues.

Fixer Dwaynne Way, 22, from South Wales, has Asperger syndrome – a form of autism. He made this film for young people to understand the nature and impact of autism. In my opinion, the difficult part of living with Autism is the lack of understanding of differences. Most of us are kind to others who might look different, yet it is hard to accept others who look like us but act differently.

What is Autism?

April is National Autism Awareness Month! National Autism Awareness Month represents an excellent opportunity to promote autism awareness, autism acceptance and to draw attention to the tens of thousands facing an autism diagnosis each year. What can you do?


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