The Big Game 2020

Thank you so much for participating in the 2020 March Madness of Books Challenge. I am so proud of you for all the books you tackled! Please leave a comment about your favorite book from the challenge. Make a suggestion for what book should be included in next year’s challenge. Continue your own personal reading challenge over the the next few months, finding books that are better than the one before. Happy Reading!

March Madness Sweet 16 2020

Were you able to predict a perfect bracket? You had to pick from sixteen books but the odds of picking a perfect bracket with sixty-four teams…The Odds of a Perfect NCAA Bracket.
NCAA Basketball teams are down to the Sweet 16 along with our Tournament of Books.

This week teams will be battling for the Elite Eight, and you need to select a book to move on as well. You only get to vote once and all voting must be completed by 8 p.m. on Wednesday, April 1st.

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