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  1. I liked the ending to Swindle by Gorden Korman, because in the end, Swindle did not get the $1,000,000 but the great great great old grannie related to Old Man Rockford got the card. But then Darren Vader, who claimed he was related to Old Man Rockford, which he was, got the card. I did not like this, but then his mother made him donate it to the town. I did like the ending of the book!

  2. In my opinion the book was good. I thought it was very interesting. The most interesting part was when I thought Griffin would be arrested by the police, but they were just asking him about Swindle stealing his baseball card. I also liked the book because it had a happy ending. I liked that Griffin did not have to move because he got the card back, and he stayed in Cedarville.

  3. I think that the ending to Swindle is satisfying because I liked how the author mentioned the skate park at the beginning, and then we just kinda forgot about it. But, little did we know, that he was going to bring it back later in the story for us to say “ Oh, I totally forgot about that,” or “ Now I know why he mentioned that,” So that is why I think that it was a satisfying ending.

  4. I think Griffin is going to explain everything to the police and tell him how Swindle scammed Griffin and Ben. I do not think Griffin will go to court because his parents said they did not have the money. I think the story will end with Griffin getting to keep the card and his house will be saved.

  5. I think Griffin will find the card in the envelope, and then the cops will find it. Then I think Griffin will bring Swindle to court, and make it right. I think Griffin will prove Swindle swindled them and make it right.

  6. I think that Griffin will have to give the card to the police, then go into court and expose Swindle. That way, they will get the card legally and be able to sell it for money. Swindle will then have to face charges.

  7. I think that the book will end by the police about to walk into Griffins house, and then end. I think that Gordon Korman will use a lot of detail, and slow down time. I think he’ll explain what is happening so well, that you will feel like your there.

  8. My opinion is that they will get the card and get to safety. So far their plan has gone pretty accordingly. Although I think they will get the card and get out, I don’t think that it is going to go too well after. What I mean is what is Swindle going to think when he comes home and his safe with the Babe Ruth card is blowtorched open? I think he will obviously call the cops, and I don’t know how the team will get around that.

  9. My opinion on what I read is that everything is going right so far in the heist but I think something is going to go wrong. But I still think They will find a way to get the card.

  10. My opinion on what we read today is that going on the heist, to get the Babe Ruth card from Swindle, will bring the different “friends” closer together. I think this because when the friends go on the heist, they are all helping each other and saving each other. When somebody saves you, you thank them. The friends are all doing this, so they are getting closer to each other.

  11. I think they will be able to find the baseball card. I also predict that Griffin house wiil be saved with the money they get from the Babe Ruth card.

  12. I think they will be able to find the baseball card. I also predict that Griffin house wiil be saved with the money they get from the Babe Ruth card.

  13. I think that Griffin and Ben are going to be able to get into Swindles house and get the card. I also think that no one will now about it except for Griffins group of friends.

  14. I think that Ben and Griffin can break in to Swindle’s house but U don’t think they could do it by themselves they need other kids maybe with some unusual talents. Also in the chapter we read it said that Ben saw a window in the bathroom that they could go through, and it was in the same exact house.

  15. I personally do think that Griffin and Ben will be able to pull of the heist.
    The reason for this is because, number one, Ben already found a possible way in through the glass roof. Number two, they also have a lot of the rest of their plan formulated. I think that gives them good chance at getting the card successfully.

  16. I think Griffin and Ben can break into Swindle’s house and retrieve the card because of how clever they are. They found a blueprint of the house and studied it. Also, when they got the card from the town hall, they found out there were 3 other houses just like it. They went to one of the houses and studied it. Therefore, yes, they have a greater chance of successfully breaking into Swindle’s house and stealing the card.

  17. Hello Swindle readers! For your homework tonight, please answer the question below!
    In the book Swindle, Mr. S. Wendell Palmino has tricked Griffin and Ben by bringing the safe with the baseball card in it to his house. Griffin and Ben must retrieve the card. Do you think Griffin and Ben can break into Swindle’s house and retrieve the card? If so why? Comment below.

    • No. In the book it said that his house had some high-tech security alarms. There is no way they can get past those. It also sends an alert message to your phone. Swindle then will come and bring them to jail or somewhere.

  18. I think Ben is going to lose friends with Griffin because in the book it said Griffin asked Ben if he could come and try to get his Babe Ruth(George Herman) baseball card back.But Ben said that he did not want to because it was stealing.

  19. I belive that Gordon Korman emphasizes characters to open his story. His main character, Griffin, is often described as the man with the plan. One example of this includes making a plan for going to the town board to see if they could get a skatepark where the old Rockford house was located. Another example of this was when he made a ‘fake’ sleepover at the old rockfords house before it is torn down. At the end of chapter 4 Griffin needs to steal back the card, I expect he is going to come up with a plan to get the job done.
    Gordon Korman introduces us to Ben, Griffin’s best friend. We know he is very trustworthy because he showed up at the sleepover, even when he really did not want to.
    S.Wendell Palomino is creepy and dishonest right from the beginning. He told the Kids the card was worth very little, but yet put in the safe.
    I think that he chooses to have strong characters so he can have a strong book . So yes, I think this strategy is effective.

  20. Gordan Korman does emphasize the characters in the story and setting like when they were at the old rockford house he emphasized the setting. I think the strategy is effective because it helps the movie camera in your head picture it better and it helps you understand the characters better.

  21. I think yes, that Gordon Korman does use this strategy to open the plot of the story because when they were sleeping out at the Old Rockford House Ben was complaining that it was scary, and Gordon Korman emphasized it. Also, he emphasized that Griffin was sick of the town looking to him, and that he wants people to respect him.

  22. I think that Gordon Korman emphasizes characters and plot to open this story. I think he chose this strategy because he shows that Griffin is a brave boy and won’t stop to achieve his goal. Also, S. Wendell Palomino is very mean and tricky. He used the plot of S. Wendell Palomino tricking Griffin that the card was a fake to make it more interesting. I think these strategies are effective because it shows the personality of the characters.

    • Good thinking. I agree with your post that when Gordon Korman emphasizes the characters it shows more of their personality, so I think that makes the story more interesting.

  23. Yes Gordon Korman does emphasize his characters.He chose this stradegy to make the characters more interesting.Yes I do think it is affective because the characters would be very boring right now.

    (This is in my point of view)

  24. Hi Swindle readers! I’m going to help you get your conversation going by asking you a question that will take some thought (and knowledge of the book) in order to answer. There’s no one right answer, but you need to support your ideas with evidence from the book. In other words, always tell WHY you’re thinking the way you are. (Sometimes you’ll notice relevant information that others won’t.) Don’t copy what anyone else has said. Later, go back and comment on other people’s comments. That makes them feel valued and respected. Feel free to ask your own questions to keep the discussion going!

    Does Gordon Korman emphasize characters, setting, or plot to open his story? Why does he choose this strategy? Do you think it’s effective?

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