Food Glorious Food

One of the most pleasurable parts of visiting a different culture is enjoying the local food. Here’s a sampling of popular dishes in South Africa….


Fish & Chips

Since Cape Town is right on the seashore, fresh seafood is offered in every restaurant, and there are many little fish and chips (French fries) restaurants and take out shops.



Fresh Fruit

Papaya, Mango, and Passion Fruit are especially good here.



Stewed Squash, Creamed Spinach, Meat Stew (made with beef, lamb, ox, ostrich, kudu, wildebeest, buffalo, warthog, or crocodile), Rice

These are all very popular dishes we’ve seen in many of the restaurants around the country.



Shrimp, chicken, beef, ostrich, and crocodile kabobs are very popular.

Crocodiles are not an endangered species here. There are crocodile farms (just as there are chicken farms) where the animal is raised for its meat. Its skin is used to make leather shoes, handbags, belts, etc.

Similarly, there are ostrich farms for meat, skin, feathers, and eggs. An ostrich egg is enormous! It’s equal to eating 24 chicken eggs. Better order a bit of scrambled egg than two sunny side up! 

Holding an Ostrich Egg.

There are ostrich feathers on the mantle behind me.

Ostriches with Nest of Eggs

Greek Salad

Fresh salads are usually offered in restaurants. A Greek salad with olives and Feta cheese is the most popular.


Moroccan Lamb with Creamed Spinach, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Rice, and Stewed Fruit.

Lamb is also popular. Many recipes come from other African countries, like Morocco.



Fresh Fruit Tart

Desserts are popular in every country. Here in South Africa, our favorites have been the fresh fruit tarts, and the sticky toffee pudding (a hot caramel-like cake) with chocolate sauce. Yum!

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