Compassion is caring about others more than yourself.

Will you ask someone to join you at lunch? Will you reach out and play with someone at recess? Will you listen more to those around you?

Be a “Soup-er” Hero and bring in a soup can and another item for our local food pantries. SOCES is asking 3rd graders to bring in canned vegetables, 4th graders to bring in peanut butter or jelly, and 5th graders to bring in canned tuna, chicken and other canned meat.

Eve Bunting’s Train to Somewhere is our book of the month. Many orphans were placed with caring families across the United States. Read to find out if Marianne is chosen to be with a compassionate family.

Remember our Compassion Twins message for this month. “Show Love. Be Kind. Keep Compassion on Your Mind.”


Our word of the month is gratitude.  Everyday we should take some time to think about what we are grateful for.  We know that we are grateful for:

  • a class that loves to learn
  • students who come to school with a positive attitude
  • kids who aren’t afraid to take risks
  • kids who are proud to be themselves
  • a class that listens

We are grateful for you.  What are you grateful for?


screenshot2016-03-05at6-31-12pmTEAMWORK: According to, teamwork is the cooperative and coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause.

Your class will be arranged into 8 groups. Each group will be assigned a problem to solve in order to unlock one of the locks. Go to this site – TEAMWORK. Click on the letter in the word “teamwork” that your group is assigned, and the link will take you to the directions of your task.

If your group finishes early, you may help other groups.

What can you do this year to be a great team player? Post your comments.

Food Pantry Walk

On Thursday our class had a food pantry walk. The class took a walk around the field. They walked around as many laps as they can. The teacher even started walking too. It was a cloudy and miserable day but the good thing was it was not raining! it was a very fun walk!!!!!!!! we even took pictures walking you can walk in groups or alone,if your parents did not come it was ok. I hope everyone had a great walk!! What was the best part of your walk?

By Ella O.