Leaf Project Email update

Hi everyone,

I hope you all have a peaceful Thanksgiving and enjoy the long weekend. =) I am posting the instructions for the Leaf Classification Project, and I have ADDED a checklist to that file for students to use to make sure their project will earn maximum points. The project is due next Wednesday, office hours will be next Tuesday (3 – 4 pm), and the Classification Test will be next Thursday (so it’s a good idea to review the classification vocabulary this weekend!).  Please make sure students use the instructions for the project as they complete their work (see file

). They should try to complete their title slide and three leaf slides by Monday. On Monday we will do an activity in class to help students who may be having trouble creating their own taxonomic key (part 4 on the project sheet). FYI their taxonomic key should be in this format:

1a Leaf is lobed.—— Go to Step 2

1b Leaf is not lobed—– Go to Step 3

2a Leaf has u-shaped indents between lobes ——Sugar Maple

2b Leaf does not have u-shaped indents ——Norway Maple

3a Leaf is heart shaped —– Quaking Aspen

3b Leaf is not heart shaped —– Go back to Step 1

Here are the vocabulary documents

I will be updating the Portal soon; all owed work should be completed ASAP. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.
D Kramarczyk

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