Welcome to Mrs. DiTuri’s Class!

Welcome Students! I am extremely excited to meet you!

Fortunately, our first unit is all about examining all different aspects of our identity. It’s a fantastic journey in which you learn a lot more about yourself as a person, and as a learner! For example, I’m a Bodily Kinesthetic-Verbal Linguistic learner. That’s a fancy way of saying I learn best by talking, and doing…I’m also a middle child, with an A type personality, and a 60/40 left brain-right brain split. Those tests indicate that I’m a good mediator, I like to be on top of things and do my best work, and I’m slightly more creative than logical…

If you want to get a head start on gaining some of that knowledge about yourself, check out some personality tests!

If a link doesn’t work, or you don’t agree with the findings, find a different test and see if you get the same results! Email me your test if you think it’s better than the one I’ve listed.

Make sure to log or print out your results to put in your portfolio!

Can’t wait to learn all about you!

See you soon!

Mrs. DiTuri