WWII Unit Resources

WWII Unit Vocabulary 2019

World War II Novel Choices-Click on Blue link to for access to audio version. Some are available for free some can be purchased.  If you are an Amazon Prime member you may be eligible for a free book a month through Audible.

Daniel’s Story Audio-on Youtube, it is read chapter by chapter.

Milkweed Audio– No free audio for this book, the link brings one option to purchase. Amazon also has a Kindle Version

The Cage-No free audio version for this book, the link is for Audible.

Soldier Boys-There is no free audio book, the link is for Audible.

Hiroshima-on Youtube starting with chapter 2

Code Talkers-Free Audio Version

Playaways (audio players) can be signed out from me for the following books:

Daniel’s Story-I have 2

Book Thief- I have 2

The Sunflower- I have 2

Code Talkers- I have 2

Hiroshima- I have 2

Farewell to Manzanar- I have 1