On April 29th the 5th grade class was visited by Dr. Jason Smerdon, a climatologist from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and Columbia University.  This visit coincided with the students’ study of the Earth’s systems and how they are affected by human actions.  Dr. Smerdon talked to the students about how some greenhouse gases are produced through the generation of energy to heat homes, travel, and produce goods.  He spoke about how this increase in CO2 affects the average global temperature which is causing major changes in the Earth’s systems.  He also encouraged students that this damage isn’t permanent and there are things that they could do to help reverse this increase.  The presentation ended with a Q&A.  Thank you to Dr. Smerdon for taking the time out of his schedule to educate our 5th graders!
 Thanks to Mrs. Christie-Blick for setting up this assembly and to our science coach, Samantha Levine, for this post and the photos!IMG_0187
IMG_0168 IMG_0180 IMG_0198
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