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It Takes a Heart to Be a Hero

It Takes a Heart to Be a Hero

The Student Advisory Council wants to thank all who donated items for the Animal Shelter in honor of Mr. Paul Doctor. We collected a couple of hundred items to donate, so thank you !!!!

The word of the month for February is compassion. Compassion is the feeling we get when we see another who is hurt or sad and the want to help them.

This month the Physical Education teachers are going to be sponsoring an event and SAC would like to help them promote it in honor of the word of the month; compassion.

On February 13th and 14th the students in their P.E. classes will be jumping Rope to promote awareness for heart health. 

If families would like to donate as well to the American Heart Association please put your donation in an envelope with your child’s name on it. All donations are due by February 17th.

This is a wonderful way to help support others in need and  it always feels good when you can make a differences in other people’s lives. 

Food Drive

November is the perfect month for all of us to show gratitude for others and for what we have. SAC along with the PE department is sponsoring a Food Drive until November 18th. Please bring in any canned food items that are not expired as well as other items like soap and toothpaste. Any little bit can help and it will be donated to help people in our community !

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