Cottage Lane Elementary School

Monthly Character Education Assemblies
The monthly assembly is a forum for reinforcing the theme/word of the month with read-alouds, songs and celebrations of students who have exemplified the particular character trait. Character education programming and PTA-supported assemblies are aligned to reinforce courage, acceptance, gratitude, empathy, perseverance, compassion, integrity, respect and patriotism.

With the help of our Building Leadership Team (BLT), we are pleased to share the following with regard to our character education program and Fostering a Respectful Learning Environment at Cottage Lane. This year our Character Education Program will brighten up our lives with “Colors of Character.”

Each month we will focus on a character trait, a theme song and a shared reading. Each assembly will celebrate this trait and recognize students who exemplify this trait. By the end of the year, the Cottage Lane Community will be bursting with vibrant colors and character. Please see the Monthly Character Education Assemblies for additional information.


We consistently encourage and foster
a respectful learning environment.


Code of Conduct – Please view Code of Conduct Handbook.

Student Planner
In an effort to promote independence and personal responsibility, Cottage Lane students are provided with a themed planner in which they record homework and long-term assignments.

Student Advisory Council (SAC)
Each fall, students elect peers to represent their class and participate in leadership training as members of the Student Advisory Council. SAC representatives organize community service projects and serve as positive role models for our school community.

Classroom Activities
Cottage Lane utilizes weekly classroom lessons which include discussions, role-play scenarios and questions related to character education. Teachers are provided with The Morning Meeting Book by Roxann Kriete, a resource for structuring morning meeting time to support the development of important skills, such as appropriate greetings, eye contact, speaking, listening, sharing and mutual respect (see video below).

This video discusses our morning meetings.

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