Today we celebrated National Girls and Women Sports Day (NGWSD). For over thirty years this organization honors the many ways that sports push girls and women to achieve excellence and realize their boundless potential. This year’s theme, Lead Her Forward, was shared by Stella and Ella during morning announcements. Coach Jacobs and Coach O’Rourke created bookmarks to commemorate the day.

Did you know girls were not always allowed to play sports? In 1972, President Nixon signed the Title IX Education Amendment Act. It states that no one in the US shall be excluded from participating in any education program or activity. Since 1987, the National Girls & Women in Sports Day Organization recognizes student-athletes, champion athletes, coaches, administrators and lawmakers who are committed to providing equitable access to sports for all girls and women. Today, February 6, 2019 celebrates and empowers women and girls to get moving, push limits in sports and in life and to become strong leaders, in their own lives and in the world. “Lead Her Forward” is this year’s theme. Coach Jacob and Coach O’Rourke will honor this day with bookmarks for girls. It will serve as a reminder to protect Title IX and inspire girls’ limitless capabilities.

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