Cottage Lane Elementary School

Our Student Advisory Council (SAC)had the wonderful opportunity to meet three times this school year so far.

Our SAC representatives have already promoted two community fundraisers. We have participated in a sock drive as well as a food drive. The rain did not stop our SAC representatives and their parents. They collected all the food from the classrooms, packed the boxes up and delivered them to the food pantry.

During our meeting yesterday the students learned about PACE: Positive, Active, Clear, Energize. This is a strategy for remembering ways to refocus ourselves and get our brains ready to learn. The SAC representatives will now return to their classes and demonstrate how to use these strategies and help promote these ideas among their classmates.

On our agenda for the month of December is a Bus Driver Appreciation breakfast and to continue to work in their focus groups around either Safety, Current school events, Service projects, Mindfulness or Recess and lunch ideas.

We can’t wait to see what this group will accomplish in 2019.


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