Cottage Lane Elementary School

The Student Advisory Council met last week and there was a representative from every 3rd, 4th and 5th grade class.

The meeting was started by reviewing the roles and responsibilities of each representative. Each student understands that they are to be the model of good behavior for other students in the school as well as work on specific goals to foster a respectful learning environment.

There were 5 different goals the students could pick to lead in the development of ideas and take action toward these topics. The choices the students had were to work on a video to promote appropriate bus behavior, promoting the buddy bench and other positive behaviors at lunch and recess, community service projects , updating our hallway display cases and deciding upon ideas that would promote school spirit. Each representative listed their top three choices and each person is working on either their 1st or 2nd choice

Our next meeting is October 26th and we truly look forward to a successful school year with our SAC members.



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