We are going to have a SUPER year.  Typically we envision a superhero wearing a cape, but we have seen ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Today we kicked-off our first Character Education Assembly of the year.  We gathered as a school community and introduced September’s Superpower, Courage.  Together, we sang Brave by Sara Barielles, introduced our book of the month, Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of John J. Harvey, designed medals for 9.11 heroes, watched Kid President’s video For the Heroes, discussed “what are you not okay with?” and ways to make change.  We even had a special visit from Captain Courageous who helped us find our voice and “power pose”.  To find out more, please visit September’s Superpower is Courage.

We are encouraging everyone to take risks and find that “superpower” in all of us.  How you approach school work and how you affect others allows you to be the hero of your own story.  This month we will focus on courage.  Will you have the courage to make a new friend?  Read a difficult book? Write a story? Include others in a game? Stand up for someone else? Stay tuned to see our staff and students be extraordinary!

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