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Water Cycle Activities

Water Cycle Activities:

Where Does Water Come From?, explains how clouds are formed and why water is released from clouds. The video also includes a little activity prompt for you to try that will give you a first-hand illustration of the water cycle.

Why Are There Clouds? is a Minute Earth video that explains how clouds are formed and how they rise or fall in the sky.

Thirstin’s Water Cycle will take you on an animated and narrated tour of the water cycle from water, to vapor, to clouds, to rain.

Thirstin’s Tour of a Water Treatment Plant takes you on a narrated tour through a typical water treatment facility found in the United States.

Waterlife is an interactive story about the water cycle in the Great Lakes. Waterlife is a twenty part story through which you can learn about the role of water in our lives. Through the story you learn about things like fishing, pollution, invasive species, wetlands, and the politics of water conservation. When you select a part of the Waterlife story you will be able to hear narration, see visuals, and read the text of the story. Some parts of the story also contain links to external resources that you can explore.

Scholastic’s Interactive Weather Maker is an activity in which you can adjust temperatures and humidity levels to create rain and snow storms. Simply move the temperature and humidity sliders until rain or snow begins to show up in the scene on their screens.

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