Spanish IV Assignments


study  the Frida Kahlo vocab on both quizlets


STUDY for exam on irregular verbs-  (answers to worksheet are on Spanish IV page).



Watch all four videos in “Spanish IV section” of webste; review regions, festivals, “se impersonal, vocab and prepare for unit test on Wednesday!


Make sure to finish the map of Spain and the questions PLUS study all the vocabulary and regions.  Unit test beginning of next week!!!



Create a quizlet of all of the new travel/ hotel vocabulary


Select  region off Spain, look up some pertinent info and write five sentences why you would want to visit that region


  1. Watch video and write down five cultural items you did not know.
  2. Translate below

Galicia is situated in the North of Spain.

Arragon is situated in the North East and the capital is Zaragoza.

The community valenciana is situated in the East of Spain next to the Mediterranean.

The Basque country has another official language, el Euskadi.

The Canarias is situated in the Atlantic ocean in front of Marrocco.

The islands have a very good climate.

The biggest mountain of Spain is El Teide.

Extremadura is next to Portugal on the border.



  • Write a summary sentence with “se” for each of the five readings on Spanish culture
  • pg 7 crossword




Contesten las preguntas:

Que intereses tienes?

En que sentido eres muy especial?

Como te ves en diez anos?

Cual es su miedo mas grande?

Que es la idea de la felicidad perfecta?

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