Spanish III Assignments



  • Be sure to start studying the vocabulary for this food unit.  I created a quizlet for you. 🙂  Enjoy el Dia de las Gracias!

  • By Monday: study 10 veggies, 10 fruits, 10 meats and all of the verbs in section C


extra credit Duolingo assignment-


  • Be sure to study the first column of vocabulary and questions pertaining to travel.
  •    for extra practice
  • Write out a  dialogue (in the travel agency).  It will be collected tomorrow.

Due Thursday  -9/7

  • get course outline signed.
  • bring in a special object that has sentimental value. Make sure you are  able to talk about it and that it tells us something about you
    • Es______________________
    • Tiene valor sentimental porque________________________
    • Me lo dio/ me lo regalo mi __________________
    • Yo tenia _______anos cuando lo recibi/ lo compre.
    • etc…

Due Friday 9/8

  • in class you wrote down two questions for each interrogative (question word); please answer these questions in complete sentences (#2-11) – 20 sentences

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