Our Robots

Borealis (2018)


  • Rookie Inspiration @ Hudson Valley Regional
  • Rookie All-Star @ SBPLI Long Island Regional #1
  • Rookie All-Star @ World Championships Detroit

Built by our fifty-seven founding members, Borealis is FRC Team 6911’s first competition robot and was designed to compete in the 2018 FIRST POWER UP competition. The FIRST POWER UP challenge requires robots to intake cubes and eject them with precision at various heights. At the end of the game, robots also had to lift themselves off the ground to score additional points.

Powered by a 4 cim tank drive, Borealis drifts around the field at a swift 19 feet per second, making it one of the faster robots in the competitions. Our custom-built intake quickly receives cubes at any orientation and spits them out at various speeds depending on how far we want them to go. Two 30-pound gas springs allow the design to be both efficient and reliable.

Borealis’ 3-stage cascade-style elevator can reach high enough to stack multiple cubes on the scale even when it is not in our favor. Duel Redline motors allow it to reach maximum height in under 3 seconds, and 4 limit switches allow it to have smooth acceleration and deceleration at the top and bottom of its travel.

Lastly, Borealis has reliable autonomous paths for both the scale and switch, allowing us to earn match and ranking points during the autonomous period.

AlphaBot (2017)

Built in our rookie year preseason, AlphaBot is the first robot ever built by our team. Using 4 cim motors and a tank drivetrain, AlphaBot’s main function is its ability to move. It has a max speed of 19 feet per second and LEDs line the top. AlphaBot started as our first big build, and was our No. 1 practice bot for the 2018 competition season.

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