Curriculum and Instruction

Problem-Based Learning

Problem-based learning is a teaching method in which students actively build knowledge and skills by working both independently and in groups to solve an authentic, open-ended problem.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • The approach is teacher-guided, but learner-driven
  • Students learn best from a “felt need”–by figuring out what they need to solve a problem and its real-world relevance
  • Students manage projects by finding their own learning resources, setting goals and evaluating their own progress with student-friendly rubrics
  • Problem-based learning maximizes active learning time so that kids learn more, both on their own and by collaborating with peers
  • The student-driven learning environment allows flexibility for teachers to differentiate instruction through small group mini-lessons and individual instruction that support students’ diverse needs and learning styles


Curriculum & Instruction
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Instructional Coaches

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