Curriculum and Instruction

Students who speak English as a New Language went on a trip to visit NYC Landmarks. They began the trip at Lincoln Center, took a stroll through Central Park, stopped at statues, including, José Julián Marti Perez, a hero who helped liberate Cuba, and also known as one of the best poets, writers and thinkers, and took pictures in Central Park. After crossing the park, they were treated to a private tour of St. Patrick’s Cathedral with a Spanish translator where we saw the tombs of Cardinals and much more. We visited Rockefeller Center and had lunch outside in Times Square. Thank you to Ms. Dana Stranges, Mr. Scott Silver, and Ms. Rita Sarubbi, for planning such a wonderful experience for our students! Students practiced speaking English, while learning about different historical landmarks in and around NYC. This was a great opportunity for these students to bond with each other and our staff. This was many students first time visiting NYC.

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