Curriculum and Instruction

Sarah McMane, TZHS English Teacher, and Patti Eyer, TZHS Library Media Specialist, collaborated on teaching students to write poetry anthologies of ten poems by ten different authors that fit the students own definitions of “good poetry.”  The object of the lesson was to expose students to many different writers and styles, and to develop their interest and taste in poetry.  Students will use these poems in class for various activities including an examination of diction and first lines. The goal is to give students choice in the poems they use so that they can find more personal enjoyment in poetry and inspiration to write their own poems. Students discussed the best places to find poetry online and took a refresher on how to find poetry books in the library using Ms. Eyer’s TZHS Library Site and the library’s OPALS (on-line public access library system). Students were reminded that the call number, found on the book’s spine, can be used to find the print item in the pertinent area in the Library. It’s wonderful to see classes utilizing the library to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

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