September’s Superpower is courage!

  • Courage is strength in the face of pain or grief; the quality of being brave; valor; heroism.
  • Courage means sacrificing your needs for the needs of another.
  • Courage means taking a risk and facing your fears.
  • It takes courage to admit you have made a mistake.
  • It takes courage to stand up for someone who is being teased.

Maira Kalman’s Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey inspires all of us to be heroic, no matter our size or age and is our book of the month. Visit and read additional news article.

September 11 is Patriot Day. Patriot Day is to remember those who were injured or died during the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001. September 11th reminds us of all those who displayed great acts of courage that day. We must remember that ordinary citizens have the power to be extraordinary.

  • Decorate a medal in honor of a fallen hero. Find a name here.
  • How will you show courage this year? Post your comment below.

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Math and Science Online Practice

Here is a good resource to help you practice working with numerical and decimal fractions.

Here is a GREAT resource for our study of plants:

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Barred Owl Nest Cam

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March Challenge

It is time to get those creative juices going again! Mrs. McBride is offering another opportunity to put your skills to work. Find out more details for this month’s challenge here – The Tube Challenge

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Rosa Parks

Rosa’s birthday was February 4th. She would have been 104 years old.

Read more:

What is something you would stand up for?

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Valentine’s Challenge

valentines-chocolateMrs. McBride loves her chocolate! Fourth graders are being challenged to put their math and creativity skills to the test.

I bought a box of candy for myself last week. However, by the time I got home I had eaten ¼ of the candies. As I was putting the groceries away, I ate ½ of what was left. There were 6 chocolates left in the box. How many chocolates were in the box to begin with?

TASK for 4th Graders ONLY:
Create a three-dimensional box depicting the appropriate solution. Label the sections of the box accordingly. On the inside cover of your box, be sure to explain all of your thinking.

1. You will be judged on the following categories: presentation, explanation and solution.
2. Make sure your name and homeroom teacher is on your entry.
3. Single entries only, please.
4. Entries must be submitted by Monday, February 13th.


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Veterans’ Day

Thank you for your service.

It’s simple. Learn how to say, “Thank you.”

Write a letter to a veteran to show your gratitude!

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Thunder Dog

running-with-roselle_cover_smallIn the book Running With Roselle, kids can follow Roselle as she grows from an energetic yellow Lab to a confident guide dog who passes the ultimate test when her partner needs her most.
Meet Mike, a boy blind from birth who excels in public school, shocks the neighbors by riding his bicycle through the streets of Palmdale, CA, and even drives a car around his college campus. Read about how he used his relationship of trust and teamwork with Roselle to help others on a day that changed America forever.

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Colorful Character

This year our Character Education Program brightened our lives with “Colors of Character.” Each month we focused on a character trait, a symbolic color and a shared reading. Each assembly celebrated this colorful trait and recognized students who exemplified this trait.

The Cottage Lane Community is bursting with colors. Let’s show everyone our true colors.

Do you remember the Invisible Boy? Recall all the character traits you practiced this year.

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pinduli02April is blue for respect. Cottage Lane’s book of the month, Pinduli, is a surprising story about self-image, self-acceptance, and treating others with respect. After reading, sharing and discussing this special book you will realize how a few tiny words – bad or good – can create something enormous!

Do you think that by hurting someone else’s feelings it made the animals who made Pinduli feel bad, feel better about themselves?

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