What do you miss about being in school?

What child hasn’t at some point wished for days off from school? Well, now that we have quite a few ahead of us, I bet you have recognized things that you miss. Let’s keep a list of a few here. Please feel free to add. I ask that you follow two guidelines, however.

  1.  Stick to the topic of posting what you miss. 
  2. And, please try to be positive and not hurt anyone’s feelings (including your teacher’s feelings).
  3. Please try to write full sentences. (You want to continue to improve, don’t you?) Your comments will help me be a better teacher by learning what is important to you. And, we will stay in touch with each other. I will set up a new post sometime soon. If you have suggestions for topics, please feel free to make a list at home. I will make “possible topics” one of our new posts.


I’ll start. Besides the items I mentioned in the email I sent, I miss watching each of you as you grow. Being a kid is not easy. I can remember difficulties I faced. Each day, I am fascinated by how you go about solving problems in your own lives.

16 thoughts on “What do you miss about being in school?

  1. It stinks not being able to see my friends. I do like being hone with my family. I’m playing a lot with my brother and sister, and doing arts and crafts, reading and going for walks. I hope that everyone is doing ok and we can still go to Philadelphia. I miss seeing Cailin and London ( and Mrs. O’Brien!) and my other classmates.

    • Shannon, I picture your house filled with art projects at this point. How is the hermit crab doing? I feel so badly that I didn’t get a chance to give caregivers extra food before school closed. I know you will take good care of the little critter. We missed you at school on Friday. I believe London took home your work to give to you. I hope the exchange worked out.

      Take care,
      Ms. O

  2. I miss eating lunch with my friends and seeing them. Its fun talking to them about sports. I want to talk about Tom Terrific leaving the Pats!

    • ARGH!!!!! I heard he is in talks with Tampa. My entire family is sad. Man, this is a bad year for Boston sports. You must be going nuts with no new sporting events happening. I heard channels are playing reruns of favorite college and professional games though. Did you notice the March Madness challenge? Can you rally the troops? We should do the best we can to have everyone in our class give it a try.

      Stay positive,
      Ms. O

  3. I miss learning new things. I’m so bored at home… even though we can learn at home, it’s still great to learn things in school!

    • Lauren,
      Why do I think that by now you have written 5 editions of your newspaper, 2 persuasive essays and a treatise on the life and times of hermit crabs? How is the hermit crab doing? Have you noticed anything new about him/her? I’m sure you are keeping a careful eye on all of his movements.

      Get out and make some shots at a basket as part of the March Madness Challenge.

      Best of luck,
      Ms. O

    • London,
      You were on a learning roll at school! There was no stopping you! I hope you are continuing to grow academically by checking out the links on our Google Classroom site. I believe you took home one of the hermit crabs, right? How’s it doing? Remember your memoir about equality in sports? See if you can beat your brothers in the basketball challenge. We need your points.

      Keep smiling.
      Ms. O

  4. I miss being able to learn new things everyday and meet new people. It is nice to be at home with my pets and family, but it’s just not the same. I hope things get better so we can come back to school and continue our adventure of learning.

    • Aw, Yasmin, I hope we can get back to school to reconnect and pick up with learning, too. You sound like you have quite a bit going on, though. Good for you. You’re not letting moss grow. What will be your new adventure today?

      Maybe I’ll see you in the neighborhood.
      Ms. O

    • Jack,
      I miss your smiling face. I think about you playing outdoors – coming up with all kinds of new ideas of things to try. Louie’s…I didn’t know that was going on already. Is Louie’s open already? I think I saw your brother yesterday. He literally ran the other way, well almost. ; ) Please tell him to say hi next time.

    • Jack, It’s so good to hear from you. I miss your big smile. I picture you out in your backyard coming up with all kinds of new games to play. Louie’s huh…I didn’t know it was open already. By the way, I saw your brother yesterday. He literally ran the other way when he spotted me – well almost. Please tell him to say hi next time.

      Take care,
      Ms. O

  5. I miss playing with everyone at recess and learning new things. I also miss having school because I am often bored. I hope we see everybody soon!

  6. being home all day it is very boring what I miss the most is seeing all my friends and talking to them about our fun times together I hope I will see you soon.

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